Adel had a dream:

Even while still in the beginnings of his diving career and being asked for his goals he always replied: „One day I will have my own dive center!”

Our guests should not consider themselves as customers but rather as being part of a big family. Therefore our establishment was consciously designed with love for detail to make you feel comfortable (we have a cozy corner for example). The premises were arranged to make them radiate warmth and it is a pleasure to linger around - sometimes for a bit longer.

Needless to say that the team is always approachable and we strive to make the stay for all guests as enjoyable as possible. Our guests' well-being is taken care of in every way. After diving and the following cozy get-together it might take a while until one heads back to the hotel.

The muscle soreness doesn't necessarily have to be a result of the diving activities but of ongoing laughter.

  • Master Scuba Trainer
  • SDI-PADI-OWSI Instructor
  • Solo Instructor
  • Speciality Instructor
  • Pro NRC NITROX-Instructor

Speaks Arabic, English and German



  • Works in the office

Speaks English and German



  • Compressor & Dive Guide

Speaks Arabic and English



  • Master Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor

Speaks Dutch, English, German 

and Arabic



  • The future Dive Guide ;-)


  • Compressor boy

Mohammed Hellal

  • Masseur
  • Education: sport physical education and Major education

sportive, courses at massage and physiotherapy


If you want to relax after diving, book a massage at our center and enjoy a moment of rest
and pleasure for your body and mind.

For more information, please contact us by email, phone, facebook, Skype or our contact formular.