There is a great choice of accommodation options in Safaga, from bigger and smaller hotels to individual lodgings in holiday homes.

The hotels listed below are only our recommendation, feel free to choose accomodation, which suits you best.

Wherever you choose to stay, please know that transfer from any place in Safaga is free of charge.


Amira Hotel

Your visit to us will be the life trip as we prepare everything for you to enjoy the magic of the place.

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   Ali Baba

The hotel has 27 air-conditioned rooms, swimming pool, shisha bar,
internet cafe and a big restaurant on the roof from where you can
admire a beautiful panorama of sea and beach.

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Pension Panorama

A small hotel with just a few rooms, ideal for divers and surfers because of its central location and vicinity to many diving and surfing centers.

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Flats / houses


If you are planning to stay in Egypt longer or you simply don’t like hotels, we can help you find a suitable flat or house for rent. 

For more information, please contact us directly by email,
phone, facebook, Skype or our contact formular.